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Edit your past ,
Sculpt your future

"You make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you"

What's a limiting belief?  is a conviction, a perception or assumption that  we develop inside that prevents us from having a happier life.
For example,  have you ever caught yourself thinking or saying things like: "I cant never do anything right", "everybody betrays me", "I don't deserve this "? Well, those are limiting beliefs. Those were created most likely by a bad experience in your life or  a thing you heard. You can change those in order to create a  limitless life !.

How ? 
First we identify any limiting belief and we can get rid of it or simply exchange it for a belief that actually serve your purpose.
when you break free of them, you will feel like a big weight is off your shoulders and now you are ready for the next chapter in your life!
The next step is designing your future, that is when Epigenetics come into game.


It is often believed genes inherited from our parents are permanent and unchanging. While this may be the case for some genetic expressions such as eye colour, it is not the case for all of our genes.

Some genes adapt to our environment quickly, such as the ones which respond to changes in temperature. Others can be slow to change such as those responsible for chronic diseases such as type two diabetes. This information shows us environmental stressors can have an impact on our genetic expression both positively and negatively.
Good news: You can be in charge of "turn on" or "turn off" certain genes !

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