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Marisa and my daughter

Some years ago I was in a very different place than I am right now. I felt my life scattered in pieces all around, exhausted all the time and close to burn out. I didn't know how to feel better or even where to start. Recently divorced, with 2 young kids, living in a new country and working 50 hours a week I was very close to my limits. I was not performing well in anything and I was feeling guilty about it. Thinking that the problem was my job, I made an appointment with a career coach. She quickly realized that I was in no optimal mental state to look for a job, but in fact, I needed therapy.

She was the first person to mention Marisa Peer to me and she told me to watch a video of her in you tube. I was immediately hooked. I started to watch all Marisa´s videos . I began to obsess about the mind, how it works and what it can do for you. I consumed countless books about mindfulness and the brain. I would be lying if I say that my recovery was simple and quick: it took me years to get where I am now: someone in love with her life. 

I was feeling good and on my way to an exciting and bright future when I received a call from my kids´ school: my youngest, they said, needs urgent help: "She cries in class, she has no fixed friends, she suffers". I honestly had no idea things were that bad: no friends? she was invited every weekend to a birthday parties!. she cries ? she doesn't at home ! I was puzzled. I noticed she was getting angry more often for no reason, she was not talking to me but I had assuming all these changes were due to her "pre teen" age, and in the following months, it was clear that something else was happening to her: she was taking a self destructive path and there was no way to talk to her, she was sometimes in a small corner for hours, scratching her arms or legs or pulling her hair. I was desperate

We tried to find a psychologist that could advise but everybody was full, not taking new patients, or with a 6 months waiting list. Then I came across RTT. I thought if no one has time for my kid, I might as well help her on my own. I registered for the course, finished and even had the opportunity to meet Marisa in a live event, with wonderful people around the world.

I felt immediately that I had found my tribe. Meeting Marisa, get to see her work live, get together with her wonderful staff of tutors/trainees was an amazing, unforgettable experience. I have seen first hand how effective RTT is, when I applied it to my own daughter. My daughter is now a beautiful, bright kid, her notes are good and she is thriving. She started the 5th class and was voted "Klassensprecherin" (the equivalent of the "class representative or spokesperson from her class). 

She has many friends and many plans for the future. She doesn't have self destructive behavior, her eyes are bright and vivid and her laugh is contagious.

I couldn't be prouder of my kid and I'm grateful every day, meeting Marisa gave me my kid back.

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