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Rules of the mind

I've been fascinated with the subject since I learnt this.. this is really cool!!

The mind is your faithful servant. It does what you want .. or at least what it thinks you want or need. but we have to be very careful because the mind responds to the words you say and the pictures you make in your head. The mind doesn’t understand if you are being ironic or funny, it takes all literally!! The subconscious mind follow certain rules without exception, and knowing them , will give you personal power.. so lets get to know some of them!

1. Every thought or idea causes a physiological reaction. How so ? Well, imagine this: you are driving home from a long day at work. Suddenly you start thinking about the mortgage you need to pay, how tired you are and instead of sleeping or being lazy in front of the tv, you need to help your kids with homework, ah that reminds you that the school wants to talk about your kids misbehaving and bad grades, oh that brings you to think about the school tuition that also needs to be paid, and the new clothes you need to buy because kids grow up so fast that the recently bought clothes don’t fit anymore.. oh clothes! Your clothes actually feel tight, maybe due to the long hours working and no time to exercise... Talking about long hours, this job will kill me one day, you think, is boring, monotonous and your boss hates you… how do you feel while you think all this ? You probably have back pain, or stomach ache just thinking about all this, right ? Well this is what the 1st rule of the mind is about. Also works for the you get goosebumps when you hear a story that inspirational? There's your physical reaction due to a thought !

2. What is expected tends to be realized. Marisa Peer says “Frist you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you”.

Do you know people that say “every winter I get sick” and they are right! Every winter they get sick. In autumn they are thinking : Ill get sick as soon as winter is here, like every year. Then mind picks up that and guess what ? The stress of believing that creates certain chemistry in the body that actually makes you sick. So first we make our beliefs (I always get sick in winter) and then your beliefs make you (you actually become a sick person every winter). Works also for the positive! So lets keep the thoughts in another frequency thinking: my immune system is so robust that I never get sick!

3. Imagination is stronger than reason or knowledge. I have a friend who hates cats. She doesn’t know why. she thinks cats will come and rip her head off. She knows this is not even physically possible, but she can ´t help it. That’s the picture in her head.

4. The mind can’t hold conflicting beliefs.

This one is self explanatory: when one has opposing ideas, the mind only accepts one of them. you want to be healthy but you only eat junk food.. you can’t have it both ways!

5. The mind seeks pleasure and avoids pain.

Also self explanatory I think. Also we can link pleasure to pain or pain to pleasure. Take for instance people with back pain. With a very painful injection right in the vertebrae the pain can go away, so when someone suffer from such intolerable back pain, even the needle feels like heaven, because the needle correlates with the experience of lesser pain afterwards. In the future ill keep on posting the rules of the mind .. so far, do you like them ?

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